FoxSDK API Reference
SetVerifySectorEventCallback Function
int32 BS_CALL SetVerifySectorEventCallback(VerifySectorEvent VerifySectorEventCallback, void * pUserData);


VerifySectorEvent VerifySectorEventCallback 
Name of the event 
void * pUserData 
This value is a custom defined pointer (e.g. the pointer to the window). 

The function returns BS_SDK_ERROR_NO upon successful execution. In case of an error the error code will be returned (see Error Codes).

Specifies an own function as a callback of the type VerifySectorEvent. This function will be called every time the event triggers inside the SDK.

Set the call backs as early as possible. They cannot be set during running processes (deletion, writing, scanning).

//A function according to the typedef VerifySectorEvent
void CSampleBurnDlg::OnVerifySectorEvent(const TCHAR *pcFullPath, const TCHAR *pcJolietName, const TCHAR *pcISOName, const TCHAR* pcUDFName , double dDateTime, double dFileSize, CSampleBurnDlg *pUserData)
//Set the function as a callback to the SDK
SetVerifySectorEventCallback((VerifySectorEvent) CSampleBurnDlg::OnVerifySectorEvent, this);
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