FoxSDK API Reference
SBootInfoEx Structure
struct SBootInfoEx {
  TCHAR DeveloperID[24];
  BS_BOOL BootIndicator;
  int32 LoadSegment;
  int32 PlatformID;
  int32 Emulation;
  int32 SectorCount;


TCHAR DeveloperID[24]; 
These are the bytes 4-1F of the header entry. It contains the string to the developer. E. g. your company name. 
BS_BOOL BootIndicator; 
This is byte 0 of the boot catalog. BS_TRUE = bootable (0x88) and BS_FALSE = not bootable (0x00). 
int32 LoadSegment; 
These are the bytes 2-3 of the boot catalog. The default value is 1984 (7C0). It is the address of the load segment for the initial boot image. 
int32 PlatformID; 
The platform ID, byte 1 of the header entry:
0 = 80x86
1 = Power PC
2 = Mac 
int32 Emulation; 
This is byte 1 from the boot catalog. It sets the boot media type. It specifies what media the boot image is intended to emulate.
0 = No emulation
1 = 1.2 MB diskette
2 = 1.44 MB diskette
3 = 2.88 MB diskette
4 = hard disk 
int32 SectorCount; 
These are the bytes 6-7 of the boot catalog. They represent the number of virtual/emulated sectors the system will store at the load segment. 

This structure is used to get and set the parameters for boot disks.

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